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What we do

Physical Therapy  |  Occupational Therapy  |  Speech Therapy

Provide effective, evidence based, multidisciplinary rehabilitative treatments to patients who have experienced a wide variety of neurologic injuries/disorders. 

Why Choose Us?

Our purpose is to provide an environment for our clients to continue their rehabilitation journey to achieve their goals and build personal connections to better themselves and the lives of others.

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Individualized Therapy

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Evidence-Based Therapy

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Specialized Equipment and Treatment

Our therapists bring over 15 years of  experience successfully treating and caring for individuals with neurologic conditions. We excel in our experience and competency in caring for our patients and their conditions. Our team holds four different advanced certifications specific to the neurologic population including Board-Certified Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy, Certified Neuro Specialist, Advanced Vestibular Physical Therapy, and LSVT BIG for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease - and we want to build a better standard for care.

Evidence-based neurologic examination and treatment is better than conventional therapy and receiving individualized neurologic rehabilitation is not only our goal, it is a requirement at AIM. At AIM, we understand that symptoms following a neurologic injury or diagnosis can manifest in many different ways. With detailed knowledge and understanding of these conditions, we provide a more specific evaluation of your functional level to create your individualized treatment plan with your goals in mind.

In order to ensure that you are receiving the highest level of care, we utilize various pieces of equipment to help promote recovery:

  1. Bodyweight supported harness system for walking and balance training 

  2. Electrical stimulation to promote neuromuscular recovery

  3. Bodyweight supported Treadmill system for walking practice 

  4. Infrared video goggles for detailed vestibular analysis and treatment

At AIM we understand that your diagnosis should not define who you are or what you are capable of doing. As a therapist owned clinic, we ensure that this mindset is applied to all aspects of our company. Over the course of our careers, we have each played an active role in all aspects of our clients’ recoveries including advocacy, emotional support, discharge planning, and community reintegration. Based on our ownership model, all decisions are made purely with the client in mind in order to help promote a more favorable and positive outcome and experience.

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Conditions We Treat

Our multidisciplinary rehabilitation team treats the underlying symptoms of the following conditions:


Our therapists are highly trained in identifying and addressing deficits from stroke through individualized interventions. Working with our skilled therapy team is key in recovery following a stroke to maximize your independence in your daily life.

Brain Injury

Individuals following a brain injury may experience visual deficits, changes in behavior, cognitive impairments, weakness in their arms and/or legs, impaired balance, deficits in sensation, and impaired coordination. Our skilled therapy team can provide individualized interventions that help you regain independence in your daily life.

Spinal Cord Injury

Our therapy team works to facilitate recovery from the injury and provide adaptive solutions to improve quality of life. Following injury our team will address your specific impairments to develop an individualized treatment to promote recovery and develop strategies to improve activities of daily living and functional mobility.

Multiple Sclerosis

Individuals with MS may present with impairments to their motor system (weakness and impaired balance), impairments to their sensory system (changes in vision and sensation), and impairments to their cognition (impaired attention and problem solving skills). Our skilled therapy team can help increase the rate of recovery following an attack, manage an individual’s symptoms, and modify an individual’s life to increase/maintain independence.

Parkinson's disease

Members of our skilled therapy team are certified in providing LSVT BIG, a four week program that integrates amplitude, intensity, and repetition in order to recalibrate your movements and apply these strategies into your daily life.

Vestibular Dysfunction

Our trained Vestibular Physical Therapist can help to identify the causes of your symptoms and prescribe targeted interventions to address the underlying problem(s). With the use of specialized equipment such as infrared video goggles, we can perform a more thorough assessment and better customize your plan of care.


Many individuals make a full recovery from concussions, however for some, symptoms persist restricting their daily routines. Collaboration with a therapist trained in concussion management can help identify these deficits and create a structured graded exercise program to help you get better quicker.

Post-COVID 19

Following the diagnosis of COVID-19, individuals can continue to experience symptoms or have long-term effects, specifically cognitive/neurologic impairments. Impairments can range from fatigue to heart/respiratory conditions and neurological conditions. Working with a skilled therapy team to assess and treat your symptoms can help improve your quality of life.


Our Team

Meet our Skilled Team of Therapists


Jackie Harkins, MS, OTR/L


Certified Neuro Specialist
LVST BIG certified

AIB Vestibular Rehabilitation and Concussion Certified


Jennifer Murphy, MS, OTR/L


Certified Neuro Specialist
LSVT BIG certified

AIB Vestibular Rehabilitation and Concussion Certified


Dr. Jason Sheehan, PT, DPT, NCS


Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy

Certified Advanced Vestibular Therapist

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Dr. Katie Mae Fields, PT, DPT

Licensed Physical Therapist

Neuro Rehabilitation Experience

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